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The Human Resources Office has a collection of videos, CD-Roms, cassette tapes and books that are available (at no charge) for check out to UWG faculty and staff.  To check out an item, contact Charlotte Kraft in the Human Resources Office at Ext. 4638 OR Ext. 6403.


Other Videos

Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes (23 minutes)
This video is designed to provide employees with the skills necessary to resolve the "personality conflicts" that seem to come hand-in-hand with a diverse workforce. This program provides a proven 5-step process that anyone can use to deal with difficult people, including co-workers, customers or vendors. Key points include recognizing the characteristics of a bad apple, utilizing a 5-step process for dealing with difficult people, regaining a positive attitude about the person or situation, and managing conflict with confidence.
Motivation: Dream It. Walk It. Believe It. (19 minutes)
This video provides practical goal-setting skills to help individuals be as productive as possible-at work and at home. Based on characteristics common to all self-motivated top performers, this program illustrates a straight-forward common sense approach that enables employees to become more effective at goalsetting and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of constant change.
More Than a Gut Feeling III
Learn techniques for hiring the right person the first time-every time. Key points include how to plan a logical, structured interview based on knowledge of the job,how to understand that behavioral example can determine the presence or absence of a skill, how to use interviewing techniques that allow for interviewer control, how to make selection decisions based on facts, not on gut feeling, how to interpret "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior," and how to recognize which interview questions are illegal and understand why.
Recruiting and Hiring (17 minutes)
This video is designed to help managers recognize the common pitfalls regarding recruiting and hiring. Topics covered in the video include the key areas to pay attention to when describing a job opening, how to avoid illegal questions during an interview, and four specific actions than can be taken to hire the right people.
Legal and Effective Interviewing II: The Right Questions (14 minutes)
Knowing your legal boundaries is one of the most important facets of the interviewing process. This video provides you with a thorough and practical approach to this vital aspect of employment and covers such topics as setting the interview tone, the general interview format, listening techniques and more.
Let's T.A.L.K.: Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal (17 minutes)
Discover practical and successful techniques for handling difficult performance appraisals. Key points include using performance appraisals to help people get better at what they do, how a real give and take can uncover hidden motivations, how to overcome objections to 360-degree feedback, and the importance of staying focused on work-related issues.
Discipline and Termination (14 minutes)
This video program is designed to help recognize five of the most common discipline and termination issues that supervisors struggle with and three straightforward actions that can be taken to avoid these issues. Supervisors can see how progressive discipline can actually help them keep good people
and improve performance.
The ADA: Tough Questions & Straight Answers (15 minutes)
This program is designed to help managers gain a clearer understanding of how The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) impacts the workplace. It provides accurate legal information in clear and concise terms. Key points include the purpose of ADA, understanding reasonable accommodation, essential function, qualified individual with a disability, and actions to insure ADA compliance.
The Family and Medical Leave Act: What Every Manager Should Know (15 min)
Find answers to several of the most common questions surrounding the FMLA. Key points include the purpose and benefits of the FMLA law, the four most difficult issues managers face regarding FMLA, and three specific actions managers can take to help stay in compliance.
Telephone Courtesy (21 minutes)
This video focuses on skills for providing excellent customer service to internal and external customers via the telephone The program is designed to help employees learn how to be prepared, professional, attentive and responsive in order to meet the needs of customers. Portrayal of both the right and wrong ways of conducting telephone customer service is revealed.
How to Hire the Best Person Every Time (28 minutes)
Learn techniques for finding and hiring the most skilled and qualified people. The Performance Interviewing System breaks down easy-to-follow actions for preparing questions, analyzing responses and selecting the best candidate whose job performance won’t let you down.
Legal Issues for Managers (24 minutes)
This video features down-to-earth explanations of federal employment laws and offers practical techniques for treating employees fairly and equally.
How to Legally Document Employee Discipline (23 minutes)
In this self-study video, you’ll learn how to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures and to help counsel and improve employee performance.
Hiring and Firing (2-volume set)
This video will help you better understand the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) laws and show managers and supervisors how to comply with them. You’ll learn how to identify and establish legitimate job requirements.
Workplace Violence (8 minutes)
Designed to increase employee awareness, this video concentrates on understanding the escalating causes and patterns behind violent behavior in the workplace.
Conducting the Performance Appraisal (34 minutes)
As a manager, learn management techniques for conducting effective performance meetings, and get time-proven advice on making difficult topics easy to cover.
Managing Performance Problems (26 minutes)
This video identifies three key reasons for performance problems and offers a process that helps get employees back on track. The program demonstrates the responsibility of the supervisor to focus on work performance instead of an employee’s personal problems.
Sexual Harassment: Is It or Isn't It? (17 minutes)
This stop and discuss video format allows viewers to confront and thoroughly discuss 13 specific occurrences that may be perceived as sexual harassment and the actions to take against them. Learn to spot even the most subtle forms of harassment.
Sexual Harassment (2 volume set, 16 minutes each)
These informative videos explain different kinds of sexual harassment, define the factors motivating harassers and provide specific techniques for dealing with the problem.


Time Management Series

Part I: Focusing on Your Priorities (20 minutes)
This video focuses on setting clear goals and objectives for performing to the fullest. Learn guidelines on establishing important priorities and making the best use of your valuable time.
Part II: Maximizing Your Productivity (23 minutes)
This video segment tells you how to spend more time on higher-value tasks in order to become one of the most productive, most respected and most rewarded individuals.
Stress Management (79 minutes)
This video is a practical guide to reducing stress in every aspect of your life. It is full of tips and relaxation methods to help you unwind, determine your priorities and live a more stress-free life.
Difficult People: How to Deal With Them (38 minutes)
Learn techniques to identify, understand and cope with the difficult people who come into your life. Whether at the office or at home, difficult people add to the stress that we work to eliminate. This video shows the skills necessary in dealing effectively with hard-to-handle people.
Conflict Management (37 minutes)
Be ready when conflict hits! Learn a four-step model for preventing bitter arguments, lowered morale, and a decline in productivity when negative conflict arises.
How to Resolve Conflict on the Job (16 minutes)
This video demonstrates how you can manage conflict to help you and your co-workers achieve goals. Learn communication skills to help co-workers reach consensus to resolve conflicts.
Team Up For Success: Building Teams (32 minutes)
This video shows you how to be an integral part of your team and how to maximize the time you spend with your team in order to create group trust and cohesiveness. You’ll also learn to initiate a five-guideline model to form solutions, avoid conflict and maintain a goal-oriented mid set.
Getting Cooperation: Team Building That Works (17 minutes)
This idea-packed video will help team members work together—despite individual differences—to build a cooperative environment. The major causes of teamwork failure and ways to overcome them are featured.
Diversity Management (25 minutes)
Answers to the top 20 questions on diversity. A total of 20 questions and answers will help to develop a strong understanding for what is involved in managing diversity in the workplace.
Ten Skills For Better Telephone Communication (27 minutes)
Polish your performance on the telephone and show callers they matter. This video provides scenarios displaying correct telephone techniques, such as placing a caller on hold, dealing with an upset caller, using voice mail and more.
What Customers Really Want (14 minutes)
This video shows how employees can give customers quality service by making them feel valued—and by exceeding their expectations.
Presentation Skills for the Professionally Petrified (20 minutes)
This video guides you through a series of simple and effective tools that will change the way you prepare for presentations. You’ll learn how to overcome the inevitable, face and laugh at your fears, and use body language and movements. Also covered is when to use humor to spice up your presentations.
How to Develop Effective Communication Skills (34 minutes)
You’ll learn how to build trust, so you can communicate openly and fairly with others, remove barriers to positive communication, communicate nonverbally as well as verbally, develop better relationships through listening, and deal with conflict in the workplace.
Communicating to Reduce Stress on the Job (13 minutes)
This video will show you how to reduce stress on the job by recognizing the stress triggers that impair communication. It is filled with tips to help adapt communication styles to reduce stress on the job.
Communicating With Confidence to Get the Job Done (15 minutes)
The skills to help present yourself and your ideas with the strength to get things done are featured in this video. Tactics used by respected and successful communicators are conveyed.
Coping With Change in the Workplace (15 minutes)
This video focuses on how people’s reaction to change can either help or hinder their acclimation to it and how all employees will be accountable for their actions. It looks at change from the perspective of both management and employees.
Simplifying Your Work and Your Life (37 minutes)
You’ll learn ways to regain charge of your life with tips for trimming life’s excess and feeling confident in your choices. Strategies for implementing your own four-phase system for managing interruptions as well as tips for coping more easily at home are revealed.
Conducting a Productive Meeting (13 minutes)
How-to-techniques for facilitating meetings that get results. Learn to conduct meetings more productively and eliminate time-wasters.
Taking the Step Up to Supervisor (33 minutes)
This video covers balancing the sometimes tricky responsibilities of planning work schedules, dividing and assigning tasks, giving evaluations and other essential duties.

The Learning Resources Center has VCR/TV combos available for check-out for one week; they will deliver and pick up. LRC may be contacted at Ext. 6459.



  • Attitude: The Choice is Yours
  • Documenting Discipline
  • Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling
  • Job Strategies for New Employees
  • Keep Them Calling: Superior Service on the Telephone
  • Leading Teams: The Skills for Success
  • Legal Issues for Managers
  • Making Change Work for You
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Managing Conflict at Work
  • Managing Stress
  • Negotiate With Confidence
  • Self-Esteem: The Power to Be Your Best
  • Taking the Step Up to Supervisor
  • The New Supervisor Skills For Success
  • Why Didn’t I Think of That


Cassette Tapes

Memory Power - A six audio cassette program with techniques for easily remembering facts, names and numbers.

The Secrets To Clear, Powerful Business Writing (1 cassette tape)

How To Write Better Memos, Reports & Letters(1 cassette tape)

Image & Self Projection For Today’s Professional Woman (4 tape set)

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