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Citrix Web Interface

1. When you access the website https://theseus/Citrix/MetaFrame you will get a security alert box since the site is encrypted. Click yes to obtain the certificate.

2. Under the Message Center, click on the link MetaFrame Presentation server Client to install the web client on your PC.

3. Click Run

4. Click Run again

5. Click Yes

6. Click Yes to agree to the license agreement

7. Click OK. Close your browser. Open the browser and access the website again

8. Enter the username and password for the Janus domain in the Log in box and click on Log in. If you do not know your Janus domain password, please contact BITS at 96300 to reset your password.

Now you can access “Alarm Monitoring” and “System Administration” with your Lenel login and password as you would normally do.

If you wish to change your password after its reset, click on the Key icon in the Applications bar to change your password.


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Last Modified: 5/21/2007