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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

Effectiveness Evaluation: Review Documents

February 25, 2004


As a result of the review of our SACS visiting team as well as their analysis of our response, we have been asked to provide additional follow-up documentation relating to your unit/program. To assist you, we have attached the SACS follow-up letter and highlighted the relevant sections. In addition, we have attached sections from the Teams initial recommendations and UWGs responses.

In nearly every instance, we have been asked to provide evidence that:

  1. we have systematic ways to evaluate the effectiveness of units/programs to assure the continuous improvement of these units/programs;
  2. we provide explicit discussions of program/unit or activity goals and ways in which we determine how those goals are met; and
  3. demonstrate and provide evidence how we use the results of such reviews to modify or change the ways in which we are currently attempting to reach these goals.

Your report will be due back to us by April 30, 2004 (in the case of Mr. Gauthier and senior Business and Finance staff, Enrollment Management, Athletics, and Safety and Risk Management, by July 1, 2004). In many instances, this follow-up can be a summary of your annual report as well as the URL to which the annual report has been linked. Certainly it is of great importance to make certain that the links are active and will continue to be so.

We know you have done a great deal in this direction and will continue these efforts. Please let us know if we may be of assistance in helping you complete your follow-up.


Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ara G. Volkan

Director of Reaffirmation Self Study


Below are the Business & Finances documentation of responses:

All Business & Finance annual reports, assessments and resume's can be found on the sidebar


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