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Effectiveness Evaluation: Resume List

Dan Lewis





University of West Georgia; 1601 Maple Street; Carrollton, GA  30118


                        Coordinator of Business & Finance Development

    10/6/03         -           Facilitator of Campus Planning and Facilities 2007 APPA Award for Excellence application.

-           Facilitator of the Business and Finance Division efforts in Business Process Redesign. Over 30 process reviews in a three-year period.  2006 recipient of SACUBO Best Practices runner-up award.

        to             -           Facilitator of B&F division customer service training and initiatives in FY 2007.

                        -           Facilitator of Campus Planning and Facilities application for Georgia Oglethorpe Award, completed -

                                    December 2004.  Recipient of the 2005 Focus Recognition Award and the 2006 SACUBO Best Practice runner-up award

    Present          -           Facilitator of Campus Planning and Facilities application for Georgia Oglethorpe Progress Award, completed - January 2006.

-           2006 Examiner for Georgia Oglethorpe Award Inc. – Malcolm Baldrige-based criteria.

-           Helped develop and administer over 25 on-line customer/employee assessments in the areas of customer satisfaction, customer service, parking and transportation, and employee trust.



City of Carrollton Housing Authority; 1 Roop Street; Carrollton, GA  30117


                        Operations Manager

 4/9/01          -           Assisted in the writing of a SPRANS Abstinence Education Grant that awarded the agency $345,000.

   to              -           Coordinated installation of DSL and Excel-based inventory programs in main office and satellite

9/30/03                     locations.

                    -           Helped design and implemented Natural Gas Operator manual

-           Designed, implemented, and administered organization’s first web-site.

-           Contract Officer for $800,000 renovation project on 90 public housing units.

-           Handled purchasing, procurements, and bid activities. 

-           Revised agency’s Human Resource policy manual to include processes for job openings, attendance, tardiness, disciplinary action, and drug testing.



Sony Disc Manufacturing, Inc.;   5152 Columbia Drive;   Carrollton, GA  30117


                        Supervisor, CD Manufacturing

      1995           -           Recruited, developed, trained, and managed a staff of 55 people in  

       to                          compact disc manufacturing. (i.e. injection molding, printing, screen making,

3/31/01                     ink mixing, packaging, and technical support)

-                      Helped to develop and control ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 documentation.

-                      Implemented Oracle and COM interplant shipping software and procedures prior to plant closing.

 Supervisor, Cassette Manufacturing   

    1990             -           Supervised a staff of 53 people in cassette manufacturing and quality responsibilities.  Daily

     to                            production level exceeded 500,000 units.

    1995             -           Initiated and implemented preventative maintenance techniques resulting in a 20% improvement in direct labor efficiencies.

-           Member of an internal policy board that developed a point system attendance policy.

-           Plant representative to develop, control, and audit ISO 9000 documentation.

Manager, Quality Control - Cassette Duplication

    1987             -           Managed a staff of 75 people, including front line supervision, technical

     to                            personnel and production personnel.

    1990             -           Initiated and implemented on-line inspection techniques resulting in a 50% reduction in personnel while improving quality awareness and performance.


Manager, Quality Control - Records, Special Packaging and Compact Disc Returns

    1981             -           Recruited, developed, and managed a quality control staff of 57 people including front line

      to                           supervision and technical personnel in the opening of a new plant in Carrollton, GA.

    1987             -           Devised and implemented methods to evaluate record components and materials for cost savings programs.

                        Supervisor, Quality Control – CBS Records; Terre Haute, IN

    1980 -                       Supervised staff of 100 in compression pressing and injection molding to ensure that product was

    1981                        was manufactured according to RIAA and CBS record specifications.        

                        Analyst, Quality Control – CBS Records; Milford, CT

    1979             -           Researched, analyzed and helped to develop both audio and aesthetic criteria for Mastersound Digital

     to                            and Half-speed pressings.  The product line was established in an effort to compete in the audiophile

1981                                                  market and improve the quality image of CBS Records.     

                        Management Trainee

    1978             -           Trained to distinguish audible and visual criteria on CBS products. 

     to                            Responded to all consumer complaints.  Performed semi-annual evaluations on CBS product and

    1979                         competitive labels.



2004-06            -           Completed a 3-year commitment at College Business Management Institute (CBMI) at the University of Kentucky

2005                 -           Completed examiner training (40 hours) for Georgia Oglethorpe, Inc.  Represented GOAP as an

                                    examiner in 2006

2003                 -           Georgia BOR Facilities Officer Training

2002                 -           Public Housing Assessment System Seminar

2000                 -           Word and Excel Applications - State University of West Georgia, Continuing Education

1999                 -           JeTech Payroll Applications – a web-based system used to replace manual time card

1994                 -           Windows, Word Perfect and Lotus Applications West Georgia College, Continuing Education

1994                 -           Statistical Process Control; Southern College of Technology

1985-87            -           Attended AMA seminars in Management, Statistical Process Control, and Quality Control Statistics


University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT

1979                 -           Candidate for M.B.A. prior to transferring with job to Georgia

1978                 -           B.S. Degree in Marketing

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

1974                 -           Completed one semester of Music Education prior to transfer


Presentations before Professional Organizations

2006 – Georgia Oglethorpe Award Process Inc. Defining Who We Are – Improving on What We Do, D. Lewis, M. Renfrow.  SACUBO Annual Conference, Asheville, NC, April 2006

2006 – BPR Part II: Improving Methods for Continuous Improvement, W. Gauthier, D. Lewis, M. Renfrow.  SACUBO Annual Conference, Asheville, NC, April 2006

2005 – Customer and Market Focus – Oh Really, D. Lewis, M. Renfrow. Georgia Oglethorpe Awards Conference, Atlanta, GA, September 2005



2007 “Solving the Process Puzzle” – a summarization of business process redesign efforts within the Business and Finance Division at the University of West Georgia. W. Gauthier, D. Lewis, and M. Renfrow.  February ‘07 edition of NACUBO Business Officer Magazine. 



    2006-07        District Chair – Georgia (State) Kiwanis Art & Talent Showcase

    2004-07        Chair - Carrollton Kiwanis Art & Music Talent Showcase

    2001-04        Completed officer rotation in the Carrollton Kiwanis Club serving as Vice-President, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past-President

    2000             Carrollton Kiwanis Club Board of Directors

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