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SAC's Response Documentation

The State University West Georgia

Business & Finance Division

Campus Planning and Facilities Assessment

FY 2002 - 2003

Institutional Mission Reference
Providing educational excellence in a personal environment through an intellectually stimulating and supportive community for its students, faculty, and staff. Our role is to provide a pleasing ‘environment’ for our students, faculty and staff, while also supporting them and the community that surrounds us. As our motto states: “Professionally we serve, Personally we care.”

Institutional Goals Supported
“Bread and Butter” Goal 5, 7, 8 and 10

Intended Objective 1
Conduct an organizational assessment, planning and improvement process using NACUBO’s Excellence in Higher Education Materials as well as APPA’s Strategic Assessment Model (SAM).
    Method for Assessing Objective 1
  1. Provide baseline measures and a standard of comparison using an accepted assessment framework.
  2. Serve as a tool for our strategic planning, organizational development, as well as leadership and professional development.
  3. Evaluate our organizational strengths and identify areas for continuous improvement.
  4. Assist us in facilitating our communication with our constituents and customers.
  5. Provide a proactive and constructive response to performance measurement and accountability.
  6. Identify the strategies to pursue the challenges of declining resources and increased demands.
  7. Implement strategies to comply with “Must” statements as outlined in the SACS Criteria for “Risk Management” and “Physical Resources”. Develop, implement, and annually assess/evaluate the safety and loss control manual.

Intended Objective 2
Develop and implement a program to create and enhance UWG’s historic properties.

    Method for Assessing Objective 2
  1. Ensure we meet Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division Guidelines as outlined in the construction of Adamson Hall.
  2. Identify our historic facilities – by conducting facility condition analysis.
  3. Develop a plan to incorporate our historic properties in the Master Plan Update to insure we are consistent and compatible with UWG planning needs.
  4. Outline a program that identifies the character, defining characteristics of our historic properties, including inherent capabilities.
  5. Develop and design our operation and maintenance programs for historic facilities.
  6. Develop and outline strategies for the “landscape and hardscape” opportunities in our historic district.
  7. Develop; design a plan to create an historic district for the UWG campus.
  8. Provide consultation with our Alumni/Foundation regarding grants as well as other funding opportunities.

Intended Objective 3
Develop and Implement a Comprehensive Energy Policy as part of an Energy Conservation Program.

    Method for Assessing Objective 3
  1. Develop a purpose and a vision for Energy Management and Conservation at UWG.
  2. Establish an energy conservation committee that involves students, faculty and staff.
  3. Determine current “status” of energy conservation programs; review financial and historical trends; review current capital plans regarding utility infrastructure; review current operation and maintenance programs and determine areas of improvement.
  4. Develop goals and strategies to conserve energy and reduce/contain rising energy costs.
  5. Implement energy “measures” in an effort for UWG to become a leader in energy conservation in the University System of Georgia.

Intended Objective 4
Provide strategies to enhance and develop initiatives for Campus Planning.

    Method for Assessing Objective 4
  1. Update the Comprehensive 5 year strategy and plan for Capital Plan finalized in March 2001.
  2. Coordinate plans with the UWG community regarding the development of the capital plan submission for 2004.
  3. Follow-up and implement our comprehensive strategies to improve communication and processes for project planning, construction, and management – Phase II.
  4. Follow-up on programs to enhance overall Facilities program at UWG by developing and implementing a parking, traffic and pedestrian safety evaluation and report; completing the Forest Drive “planning enhancements”; implementing phase III of signage improvements; implementing the next phase of the UWG Arboretum.
  5. Complete “year five” programming for the Health Wellness Life-Long Learning Center for submission in FY03 Capital Plan update.
  6. Update and coordinate our “space planning” program implemented in June 2001.
  7. Continue to work with the City of Carrollton officials on traffic and other issues of mutual interest.
  8. Develop and implement strategies consistent with BOR guidelines concerning the Master Plan update due in May 2003.

Intended Objective 5
Implement a program to construct additional Housing by “Privatization of University Housing” as outlined in UWG’s Housing Plan.

    Method for Assessing Objective 5
  1. Assist the UWG Foundation in the preparation of an RFP to construct Phase I, 600 beds of suite housing.
  2. Have information available, retain site assessment, Georgia Environment Policy Act, and other due diligence matters to “affect” a ground lease.
  3. Continue to provide periodic information updates to the BOR – Office of Facilities.
  4. Provide logistical support to Student Affairs, Financial Affairs, and the UWG Foundation regarding such issues as the preparation of the management agreement and other required documents.
  5. Support and serve the Foundation in design and construction activities.
  6. Insure the project meets current UWG design standards and is “acceptable/consistent” with University inventory of facilities.

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