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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

The University West Georgia

Business & Finance Division

Purchasing Assessment

FY 2006 - 2007

Departmental Mission
The mission of Purchasing Services is to procure goods and services at competitive prices according to State of Georgia law and ethical standards while providing the campus community and vendors with exceptional customer service.

Departmental Statement of Goals, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results

Statement of Goals
  1. Purchase goods ands services on a competitive basis following State of Georgia guidelines.
  2. Assess the current purchasing requirements and prepare for the changes as it relates to the Georgia Procurement Initiative.
  3. Identify ways to improve upon communication of policies and procedures to the campus community.
  4. Conduct workshops each year to inform and educate departments on changes in purchasing regulations.

Assessment Process

  1. The State Department of Audits conducts an annual review of the University’s financial report. A general overview of our procurement process is conducted as part of this process.
  2. Review changes in procedure as it relates to the Georgia Procurement Initiative and apply to UWG policies and procedures.
  3. Welcome feedback from the campus community through surveys and workshops.

Assessment Results

  1. For FY 2006, the State Department of Audits reported no findings. Our FY 2007 audit will be conducted in the Fall of 2007.
  2. Any policies and procedures that require an update when compared to the Georgia Procurement Manual will be revised. Additional training will be offered as a result of any changes.
  3. The Customer Service Survey Results were favorable. Purchasing Services received a Good to Excellent rating in all areas.

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