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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

The State University West Georgia

Business & Finance Division

Department of Public Safety Assessment

FY 2002 - 2003

Institutional Mission Reference
Public Safety was organized to provide the campus community with a secure environment in which to teach, learn and research. The unit also provides parking and transportation services for the purpose of moving faculty, staff and students throughout the campus in a safe and efficient manor.

Institutional Goals Supported
Bread and Butter Goal # 5, “The University Experience”. We must improve the quality of the university experience for both commuter and residential students if West Georgia is to fulfill its mission. Public Safety strives to make the campus a place where the threat of crime does not distract those who have come here to teach and learn.

Intended Objective 1
Provide to the students and parents the most accurate information concerning crime on campus.
    Method for Assessing Objective 1
  1. Publish the required annual crime statistics by March 1 of each year rather than the Federally mandated September 1.
  2. Perform a general analysis of crime over the three-year mandatory reporting periods and place the report on the web site. This analysis and report would include those crimes, which occur most frequently on campus but are not required to be reported.

Intended Objective 2
Provide safe and convenient cross-campus transportation to the West Georgia Community.

    Method for Assessing Objective 2
  1. Annually the Department will analyze the data collected by the bus drivers as to rider-ship, miles driven & the number of accidents involving the buses. This information will be compared to the figures from the previous two years to determine the increase/decrease in rider-ship, and any other pertinent information such as the number of accidents per mile driven, bus maintenance criteria, etc.
  2. A survey will be conducted annually to determine rider satisfaction, surveying faculty, staff and students.

Intended Objective 3
Provide for a well-trained police staff, capable of handling the varied crime and law/order challenges presented by the campus environment.

    Method for Assessing Objective 3
  1. Establish a minimum training core curriculum for each officer, which provides course work and hands on training in different aspects of the job. Establish a time-line in which an officer is expected to complete the core.
  2. The course work and time-lines will be examined every two years to determine if they need modification.

Intended Objective 4
Provide a courteous, responsive staff, which provides a high level of service to the university community.

    Method for Assessing Objective 4
  1. Randomly, by use of e-mail or interoffice mail, we will survey those persons who have requested service of all types from the Department.
  2. The comments received will be reviewed to measure how the Public Safety staff is responding to the needs of the campus.

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