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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

Effectiveness Evaluation: Assessment List

Department of Human Resources

Assessment FY2006 - 2007

Mission Statement


The Human Resources Department is a comprehensive human resources and payroll operation, providing Benefits Administration, Staff Recruitment and Payroll Administration services to the University of West Georgia campus community.  Our customers include the Faculty, Staff and Students of West Georgia as well as West Georgia’s retirees.  With a staff dedicated to maintaining the integrity of West Georgia’s mission, policies and procedures, we provide quality customer service through personal attention to individual needs.


Departmental Statement of Goals and Outcomes


    1.     Continue to improve the level of customer service to the campus community through increased communications, cross training and making information easily accessible. (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)


The implementation of the self-service application (E-Apps) has made information more readily available to our employees. The application allows employees to manage their personal information online.


2.                  Provide benefit information to all new faculty and staff. (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)


In fiscal year 2007 the staff provided benefits orientation sessions for 62 new faculty members for the 2006-2007 academic year.  We also provided orientation sessions for 102 new administrative and support staff personnel during the fiscal year. Orientation sessions cover basic life insurance, supplemental life insurance, health and dental insurance, long-term care insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement options, long-term disability, and completion of personal information for payroll purposes.


3.                  Provide employees with a wide range of benefits in order to meet their needs.  (Applicable to Bread and Butter Goal 6c)


Utilization of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) remains consistent, with 23 new clients have contacted EAP for assistance with personal issues as of June 30, 2007.

Resulting in 138 contacts and 126.08 contact hours. Contacts were made for the following reasons:


  • Family Issues                41%
  • Personal Issues 35.9%
  • Unknown/Declined       10.3%
  • Work Issues                 10.3%
  • Work – Life Issues         5.1%



The customer satisfaction assessment for the Office of Human Resources was conducted in the fall of 2006.  The results of the assessment show that, overall Human Resources is performing well, and the majority of the customer base is content with the service provided.


Of the 137 respondents who completed the survey 111 (84%) rated their overall experience with the office as good or excellent yet 21 (16%) rated their experience as poor.


Although the overwhelming majority of comments were positive, the major issues that were identified were:


  • Knowledge of Policy
  • Timeliness of responses
  • Accuracy of responses
  • Confidentiality
  • Consistency of responses (communication within the department)
  • Communication of changes in policies to campus community


In response to the requests of the respondents, the following action will be taken:


We have begun the process of cross referencing UWG policy with BOR policy, as well as updating our “Guide to Human Resources. Once this is complete we intend to update the UWG employee handbook and distribute to all staff employees. The HR staff will be required to become more conversant with policy in order to provide the faculty and staff with timely and accurate answers.


We are continuously working to keep all of the staff members informed in order to be able to have consistent answers to our customers. Consistency is very important, we will continue to strive to make the HR staff aware of current situations and issues in order to better serve the campus community.


Confidentiality seems to be an issue as well.  The office structure is an issue in regard to confidentiality.  Three of the HR staff that deal with benefits, garnishments, tax levies, FMLA are housed in cubicles. These are very sensitive issues and individuals become very upset when they are required to discuss personal information in a cubical, where other in the surrounding cubicles as well as anyone in the “lobby” can easily hear the conversation. 



Staff Productivity:


Various staff members attended conferences of which two were hosted by the USGHRA and CUPA and one by the Payroll Users Group, and the American Payroll Assn as well as a non-resident alien taxation workshop.


Various members of the staff serve on various University and System Wide Committees.


Held Annual Benefits Fair during open enrollment period, 340 faculty and staff registered.


The Human Resources staff has completed a records inventory and has developed a records retention schedule based on BOR records retention guidelines for the department.  All documents that fell outside the parameters described in the BOR guidelines were purged.   In the interest of conserving space documents that the institution is required to maintain for extended periods of time have been moved to an offsite storage facility.


Another program undertaken in FY 07 was the implementation of a self service application for our employees.  This application was rolled out in the fall of 2006, allowing our employees to manage certain aspects of their personal information online.

Personalized training was offered, a total of 17 sessions were scheduled. 


Human Resources has undertaken a FLSA study of our classification system. This study includes reviewing current classification of positions in relation to the revised FLSA standards and correcting any misclassification of positions as related to the job responsibilities.  Another aspect of this project is the development of generic position descriptions for all positions on campus .This exercise is expected to be completed in early FY 2007.  Due to certain issues related to this exercise it is a work in progress. 


General Statement of Departmental Condition:


The Human Resources department is in adequate condition.  The workload continues to increase with the increasing number of faculty and staff.  In August 2006 the department processed 62 new faculty members, in addition to the 102 staff that were hired during the fiscal year.  The department was involved in recruitment for 110 staff positions during the fiscal year.



Goals for 2008:


Begin implementation process of a Time and Attendance module.  This process will require a campus study of current policies and procedures and will necessitate the development of new policies and procedures to accompany an implementation.  These processes as well as open communication will the charge for a committee that will be appointed.


Continue to examine core HR processes for continuous improvement.


Implement semi-annual human resource/payroll information sessions for campus community.


Increase the utilization of the Self Service application.


Complete the records retention effort involving our personnel files.


Reorganize the website to make it more user friendly and focused on specific HR information


Complete updates to Employee Handbook and Guide to Human Resources, and publish on-line as well as in hard copy formats.


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