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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

The University West Georgia

Business & Finance Division

Office of the Controller Assessment

FY 2006 - 2007

Departmental Mission
Departmental Mission – The mission of the Office of the Controller is to provide quality support to students, faculty, and staff in the day-to-day management, control and accounting for finances of the University of West Georgia.

Departmental Statement of Goals to Asses, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results

  1. Successfully complete the implementation of Peoplesoft Version 8.9.
  2. Review and modify current business processes to take advantage of the best practices associated with Peoplesoft Version 8.9.
  3. Continue to assess customer satisfaction. Identify ways to improve upon communication of policies and procedures to the campus community.
  4. Successfully complete the Annual Financial Report to ensure compliance with all generally accepted accounting principles.
  5. Participate in the implementation of TouchNet Marketplace. TouchNet Marketplace will allow our campus to build and operate secure web-based storefronts and online payment pages.
  6. Successful implementation of TouchNet Paypath.

Assessment Process

  1. Our institution will participate in a variety of meetings, workshops, live and on-line training in order to successfully implement Peoplesoft Version 8.9.
  2. Upon receiving the business processes associated with Peoplesoft Version 8.9 our institution will be prepared to review and modify our current business processes in order to take advantage of the new functionality associated with Peoplesoft Version 8.9.
  3. Customer Satisfaction Survey’s are completed on a regular basis to identify areas where improved customer service is needed. We also have an on-line rating card to allow our customers to rate our service at anytime. A link to this rating card is found in the signature of all emails originating from the staff members within the Office of the Controller.
  4. As a member of the implementation committee for TouchNet Marketplace, we will participate in several on-line meetings and training in order to learn and begin to utilize the new functionality found with this product.
  5. Training on TouchNet Paypath has been completed with a conversion date of July 5, 2007, however, the ongoing assessment of the implementation will take place during the first few months of FY 08.

Assessment Results

  1. Our success in implementing Peoplesoft Version 8.9 will be reflected in the project scorecard which was developed and is being monitored by OIIT.
  2. Our success in modifying our business processes to take advantage of the Peoplesoft Version 8.9 best practices will be reflected in the project scorecard which was developed and is being monitored by OIIT. This specific criteria is 3.c of the scorecard.
  3. Additional customer satisfaction surveys will indicate whether or not we are serving our customers effectively and whether or not we are communicating in the most effective manner. We will review any on-line rating cards that are submitted and take action where necessary.
  4. For FY 2006, the State Department of Audits reported no findings. Our FY 2007 audit will be conducted in the Fall of 2007.
  5. TouchNet Marketplace will be successful when various departments on campus are able to take payments on-line that were previously only able to accept cash or check payments in person or by mail.
  6. TouchNet Paypath will be successful once students and parents are familiar and acclimated to this new feature.

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