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Past Effectiveness Evaluation

The State University West Georgia

Business & Finance Division

Department of Internal Audit Assessment

FY 2005 - 2006



Intended Objective 1
Fulfill the expectations and needs of management.
    Method for Assessing Objective 1
  1. Develop an annual audit plan with the approval of the University's President and Vice President for Business and Finance and the University System's audit committee.
  2. Examine and evaluate of the adequacy and effectiveness of the UWG's system of internal controls.

Intended Objective 2
Insure through coordination of audits conducted by Federal, State, and Board of Regents auditors to provide the University an objective opinion designed to add value and improve the University's operations.

    Method for Assessing Objective 2
  1. Evaluate the risk exposure for all UWG's auditable areas along with conducting objective evaluation and analysis.
  2. Provide assistance to each auditable area in the development and implementation of their corrective action plan.

Intended Objective 3
Conduct both scheduled and unscheduled audits in order to provide management independent appraisals of the University's compliance with policies, procedures, laws, and regulations.

    Method for Assessing Objective 3
  1. Active reconciliation of accounts and testing of key controls designed to insure compliance.
  2. Identify weaknesses and make constructive recommendations to UWG's administration.

Intended Objective 4
To offer internship opportunities to qualified accounting majors in their final year of undergraduate study. Provide these students with "hands-on" work experience in a professional environment.

    Method for Assessing Objective 4
  1. The student interns engages in the research of applicable policies and procedures, development and execution an audit program, coordination of "exit" conference with auditee, and preparation of audit report distributed to UWG administration and Board of Regents' Associate Vice Chancellor.

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